Friday, March 12, 2010

New addiction - PLA shoes and bags

I came across the Indonesian brand PLA when I was rushing through Alun Alun in Grand Indonesia one evening. You know how women can be in rush and practically running like mad, but still noticed a good handbag when she spotted one? That was exactly what happened to me.

I was running (or what might look like an attempt to run on my 8cm heels) back to the car when I decided to quickly reroute through Alun Alun for some eye candies. That's when I noted the python leather bag. Exotic leather is very now and that's why I stopped for abt 3 mins (honestly it wasn't more than 5 mins!) to check it out.

The brand called PLA and it carries leather bags and shoes (mostly flats). I'm a high heel person and I'm not usually drawn to flats. But I just LOVE good exotic leather (my recent haul consist of a exotic leather guess bag... but that's for another post). So when I went home, I google the brand pla and the official website was there! Even better, they do online ordering!!!(Yippieee...). The prices are quite pricey for an Indonesian brand... but if I cut back on my cosmetics haul, I'm sure I can afford some more bags or shoes (can I???)

Here are some of the things on my wish list.... anybody kind enough to them for me?? My b'day is coming soon you know... ^__^

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