Friday, August 27, 2010

Make-up For Your Eyebrow

One thing that we often neglect when applying make-up is to do our eyebrows (for me this is true especially when rushing in the morning). Most of my friends say that they can’t leave the house without a mascara or lipgloss, but a pair of well made eyebrows can actually frame your whole face and made it look a lot more polished than wearing tons of mascaras and lipglosses. Longer eyebrows can even make your face look younger. Especially the trend seems to favor thick, long, and dark eyebrow. Thus a well made pair of eyebrows is a must!

Here are my tips of having a beautiful eyebrows every time.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Vichy Normaderm Promat Ultra Mattifying Lotion

It's time for another skin care review. My main problem with my combination skin is that it gets oily (especially on T zone area) real bad but I keep having dried flaky skin on my nose (also on my T zone) and around my jaw. The oily face reduces my makeup staying power. It also makes most of loose powder oxidize after a few hours. While all sort of mattifying or oil free moisturizer makes the dryer parts of my face gets even dryer, and my makeup emphasized all the flaky. So it’s a bit of a catch 22… I need to get rid of my dried flaky skin so makeup can be applied smoothly, but I cannot use rich moisturizer because it’ll make my face even oilier.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

La Femme Sparkle Dust Stack & Eye shadow

My small purchase of La Femme Sparkle Dust Stack and single eye shadow arrived on my door step Friday evening and I woke up early on Saturday morning to play the new addition to my La Femme collection. The only La Femme Cosmetics products that I have purchased before are the blush on rouge and the glow on rouge, which I obsessively acquired one by one. My good experience with the brand fueled my curiosity to try La Femme other products, which seems to be less popular than the blushes. I decided to try its eye make-up because I love doing eye make-up.

L-R: Iridescent Taupe, Sparkle Dust Stack #4 (consist of #5 Opal, #20 Chantilly, #7 Flamenco, #2 Rose Chiffon, #32 Ruby, and #38 Gypsy Wine)