Monday, February 22, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

The upcoming Tim Burton's remake of Alice in Wonderland has made quite a commotion in the fashion world.

Nail Polish - OPI

OPI has released Alice in Wonderland collection for Spring 2010. The range comprises of four colours, Absolutely Alice (a vibrant blue with gold glitters), Mad Hatter (a multi-coloured glitter polish), Off With Her Red (an orangey creme red), Thank So Muchness (a medium red polish with pink shimmer). see review here

Miss Selfridge - Fashion line
The Spring 2010 line of Miss Selfridge is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, shown by the use of ribbons, colouring (red, white, and blue), floral prints, hats (I'm guessing inspired by mad hatter), etc. I gotta say I quite like the whimsical feel of the collection.I quite like the collection.

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Urban Decay - cosmetics
as described in Sephora:
Tucked inside a hidden drawer are 16 best-selling Eyeshadows, given topsy-turvy names like White Rabbit, Jabberwocky, and Oraculum. Alongside them lie travel sizes of Eyeshadow Primer Potion and two 24/7 Eye Pencils. From smoky neutral eyes to flashes of hallucinogenic green and purple, the looks you can create are as endless as the rabbit hole itself. The top opens to reveal a pop-up scene of Alice in the mushroom forest. Her "drink me" bottle discarded, she staggers past towering mushrooms, only to cross paths with a very peculiar, hookah-smoking caterpillar. A large mirror rests behind the scene, making you feel as if you are transported into the film itself. see it here
Paul & Joe - cosmetics
Paul & Joe releases two limited edition compacts with mirrors, which includes blotting paper and 2 lippies.
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With all the hype, I'm really looking forward for the movie (and the goodies of course) to arrive in Jakarta. Not too much longer hopefully....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've managed to finish watching 13 episodes of Glee last week! Quite an achievement...
I gotta say that it's really great to have a different kind of genre for a weekly TV show, especially since I simply got bored from trying to follow Ugly Betty. Glee is the reason why I'm always home early on Wednesday night. I'll even gladly skip the gym for it. Last week I've got the complete 13 episodes of Glee in DVDs.. so yeaaaayyy!!

My favorite scene is (other than all the vocal adrenaline numbers) gotta be Beyonce's Single Ladies. Kurt and the football team danced to the song a few times in the 4th episode. I laughed so hard the first time I watched it. Until now, that scene always manage to put a smile of my face.. hehehe...

I also love watching how the characters are dressed. On of my favorite is Emma Pillsbury, the guidance teacher with obsessive-compulsive disorder related to germs. Her style can be defined as fashionably clean and granny like, but I really don't mind having her wardrobe and wearing them to work. But then, I don't think any real life teachers can afford her wardrobe. Plus I don't really think I'd bother spending too much time blow drying my hair in the morning to look that perfect. I love her red hair tho... ;) I've even found a web blog dedicated to Emma.

From watching all 13 episodes, I gotta say that most of the characters are loveable and memorable. I love watching all the singing and performance. Some of the songs rearranged for Glee sounds even sounds better than the original version. Take Rehab (by Amy Winehouse), which unfortunately not in the soundtrack. The Glee cast version sounds easier and more listenable than Amy's (btw, I also love Amy Winehouse, it's just I prefer the more upbeat version of Glee's). I've bought the volume 1 CD and love most of the songs. I'm still thinking whether I should buy the 2nd volume since the review on it is not as great.

Here are some of my favorites from the 1st CD and my take on the songs:
Track 01. Don't Stop Believin' - a really upbeat and powerful song. This is one of the song that got me hooked
Track 04. Take a Bow - one of Lea Michele's best track in the album
Track 06. Taking Chances - I love this song, but it sounds awfully similar to Take a Bow
Track 09. Hate On Me - Mercedes (Amber Riley) really aced this song. Her voice is simply amazing!
Track 12. You Keep Me Hangin' On - this is one of the rare chance that you get to hear Quinn sings... and I actually quite like her voice...
Track 15. Sweet Caroline - It wasn't my favorite song until I watched the episode and saw Puck (Mark Salling) crooning the song so he can hook up with Rachel. Hmm... He's sooo sexy...
Track 17. Defying Grafity - I never hear this song before, but the duet between Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele) is amazing. I never knew guys can sing such a high note.... geeeezzz....

All good things aside, I do find that the show is criticized by some...

It is easy to see his point, if you look at the specifics. In his view, Glee portrays Christians as phonies and hypocrites. He observed that the only self-identified Christian is the shiny blond Quinn, cheerleading president of the celibacy club, who is pregnant by one classmate but pretending the father is another. [...] Meanwhile, the glee-club director, Mr. Schuester, is unhappily married to a perky little spider, which makes the adultery subplot involving him look positively charitable. The students lie, they cheat, they steal, they lust, they lace the bake-sale cupcakes with pot in order to give the student body a severe case of the munchies. Nearly all the Ten Commandments get violated at one point or another, while the audience is invited to laugh at people's pain and folly and humiliation. Nancy Gibbs, Time (from Wikipedia)

My personal view is that Glee is just TV series, a mere entertainment. Our view on what's good, what's morally right should not be based on TV series. Parents with young adult children should be the one responsible for ensuring that their children understand what's good and right. I always try to look for the positive in everything, and for me Glee sends a message that popularity is not more important than accepting yourself.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

waiting for nars supply

Last night, I received an email from a friend to let me know that my nars eye shadow and lipsticks have been posted. So I should receive them within 1-2 days.... Yippiieeeee....

I can hardly wait....
In the mean time, I'll just go browse some more cosmetics online... hihihihi...

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Valentine's

My initial plan for valentine was to have a nice quiet dinner in a hotel somewhere, but I wasn't feeling too well last weekend. So after a quick nap on Sunday morning, I asked HY whether he would mind if we cancel the dinner plan and just go out for lunch instead. I guess I just don't find Valentine's day as a special day cause you have 365 days in a year (366 days in a leap year) to show someone that you care... since HY was up for anything, I decided that we could go for ramen in Pacific Place. The place called Sanpachi.

It's a small restaurant in the middle of the food court. But I was feeling unwell and the thought of eating warm ramen with sesame soup was just what I needed. We ordered Tonkatsu Ramen (small portion for me, large portion for HY), Onigiri, extra chasu, sauteed spinach with butter, and some warm drinks for me. Here's what mine looks like :)

I always love to sprinkle extra sesame seeds on my soup to begin with, eat the ramen, and leave the chasu for later. I love that the ramen was nice and chewy, unlike many Japanese restaurants who use egg noodle for its ramen. The chasu tasted very sweet, and tender that HY ordered extra portion for himself. The onigiri as mediocre compared to the onigiri I used to have as student in Melbourne. The spinach was just spinach.. at least I ate some vitamins and fibre.. hihihi... Overall, my husband who's quite hard to please was happy with the food... Yeaaayyy...

After the ramen session, I craved for some desserts. A meal is not a proper meal without any desserts... So we went to Pan-O. They profess to sell pancakes from all over the world. I gotta say I was quite surprised with the wide variety of menu selection. I had chocolate pancake with cheese, almond flake, chocolate sauce, and chocolate ice cream... I was in heaven.... HY had blintzes with cheese, cream, raisins, and strawberry ice cream. We shared a berry drink. Here's what my pancake looks like :)

credits:google image

I have to say that both of our order were good. I liked the different taste offered within one single dessert, the different texture and sensation. Imagine spongy softness of the pancake mixed with crunchiness of nuts, while the warmth of freshly made pancakes was mixed with the coldness of ice cream. This is why I LOVE DESSERTS!

After two rounds of food, we were beat... so we went to get some groceries at Kem Chick and went home for another nap (I was feeling unwell remember?). For me it's a perfect way to spend a Sunday (and a valentine's day)...

HY and I would like to say...
Happy "belated" Valentine's day and Chinese New Year for everyone.....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Honeymoon Dessert Night

I've been craving some desserts from honeymoon dessert for ages and my loveable husband (from now on I'll call him HY) took me there last weekend and said that he will just skip dinner all together since we had a big lunch. I gotta say it was a very nice gesture from him since he hates sweets and desserts.

We started by ordering my favorite dessert... Snow White Sago and Thai Black Glutinous Rice with Durian in Coconut Milk. Yeah... I did order two desserts for my self... didn't really think I would finish them... but I thought I could always 'gently force' HY to finish them for me.

When the order came, I literally dive into the vanilla coconut milk syrup... I've wanted to have these desserts for so long, but we really never had the time. I just love milky and fruity flavor of the syrup, and the durian tasted soooo good with the coconut syrup (and high in cholesterol I'm sure... but none of the healthy stuff ever taste good).

HY is easily intrigued when it comes to trying new food. So even though he hates desserts, he asked for extra bowl and spoon and shared the desserts with me. He liked it so much that he ordered two more desserts. We had durian pancake and green bean with black sesame soup. He ordered the black sesame soup since he remembers that I love black sesame ice cream... aaooowww... sweet isn't he? ;)


The durian pancake tasted light, sweet, and the combination of texture was simply delightful. Too bad they only gave us two pieces. The soup was kinda scary. It looks like squid ink! Or something icky that shouldn't be eaten!! But it tasted quite good. You can really taste the black sesame and it kinda sticks all over your teeth... hehehehe... not a pretty sight...

At the end, we finished all four servings of dessert and went home with a sugar high. With me drawing on a conclusion, that your preference is greatly influenced by those around you, especially those you care the most. My husband who professes to love all things with protein and despises sweet as it provides no benefit to our body was happy to finish four bowls of desserts, just because I was so excited to have them.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My New Year's resolution

One of my New Year's resolutions which I haven't disclosed to anyone, even my husband, is to write more. So I've started a blog, painstakingly customized the layout with my minuscule know-how on blogging… and now I have a blog dedicated to my live, love and love of red shoes..

But the first real entry would have to wait till later…