Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beauty Routine - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Most people would have a bottle of olive oil in their kitchen cabinet. I do too, and now I have an extra bottle on my vanity table.

I've long known that olive oil has anti aging qualities that makes it healthy for eating. So I thought, why not use them on my skin? I've used Palmers Olive Butter Lotion which is formulated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) for years and always stock up on them whenever I visit Melbourne.

I've been mixing EVOO in my beauty routine for over a month and you can really see the difference. Even my indifferent husband noticed my smoother skin and softer knees and elbows. Here's how you can use EVOO as part of your beauty routine and please make sure you use extra virgin olive oil rather than other type of olive oil.

1. Body moisturizer - I mix my body lotion (I've switched to a cheaper alternative.. nivea or vaseline will do) with a few drops of EVOO and generously apply the mixture from head to toe. The EVOO gives your arms and legs subtle glow all day long. Just make sure you mix 2 part body lotion and 1 part olive oil, and apply them as soon as you got out of shower, as the oil is easily absorbed when your skin is warmed and slightly damp.

2. Conditioner - I rub EVOO on my hair, from mid length to its end, about an hour before I wash my hair. Try not to apply too close to your roots or crown as you can end up with limp and lifeless hair. After rinsing the EVOO with my regular shampoo, I can style my hair as normal. It helps stop any flyaway and frizz after blow drying or using flattening iron.

3. Scrub - I mix EVOO with other household item I can find at home to make my own scrub. My favorite is mixing EVOO with ground coffee and a tiny bit of water to a pasty consistency, before using it as a scrub. Oh yeah, leave it them on for a minute or two as coffee can help reduce those nasty cellulites.

4. Make up remover - I put few drops of EVOO on cotton facial pads and use it to clean my face and remove eye make up. Afterwards, I wash my face using my regular foaming cleanser. I get easily irritated by eye make up remover, but using EVOO has solved this problem. After about a month using EVOO as eye make-up remover, I swear that my lashes looks even longer!

5. Massage oil - My mother in law known a masseur who lives nearby and she comes to our house every other week or so. I always ask her to use EVOO for massaging (and the coffee scrub after the massage). I gotta say, it's one of the few times I feel happy and grateful to be living in Indonesia.... you can have excellent cheap massage at the privacy of your home anytime of the week.

6. Softer cuticles and feet - I apply drops of EVOO on my cuticle and lather them on my feet before I go to bed at least once a week. Make sure you put on cotton socks afterwards so the EVOO does not rub on to your sheets. I also find that EVOO seems to soften my feet better when I do put on a pair of cotton socks.

I still don't have the courage to put EVOO on my face just yet (other than using them as make-up remover, but I've heard that it can do wonders to your skin. I'll be sure to update this post when I do find the courage to try EVOO on my face and see results (whether it is good or bad)....

Have you tried any of the EVOO beauty 'recipes' above? Do you have any other use for EVOO? Let me know what you think...
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kartini's Day

Indonesians celebrate Kartini’s Day every April 21st. Kartini is an Indonesian national hero who fights for women’s equality. She was born in a noble family and thus enjoy the privileges of basic education (back then it was reading and writing) and maintain good relationship with the Dutch. The first school for women were opened and run by her. Unfortunately she died young while giving birth to her first child.

I remembered my kindergarten years where we celebrate Kartini’s Day by dressing up in Indonesian traditional outfits. We have about 30 different provinces and each has its own traditional outfits, so you can imagine the variety of outfits worn on the day! My mom actually skipped work so she can took me to school and see hundreds of kids dressed in colorful and sometimes oversized traditional outfits. Nowadays, when we refer to traditional outfits, mainly only kebaya and batik come to mind. And kebaya has been reinvented so many times that what used to be a plain and traditional outfit has become quite glamorous.

sources: google image

Hmmmm... kebaya really help to shape your silhouette. I just love how womanly someone looks, as soon as she puts on a kebaya!

Nowadays, we don’t really celebrate Kartini's Day anymore. But this year, my office sent out a notice granting us 1 day to wear Indonesian traditional outfits (mainly kebaya and batik). I didn’t feel like wearing kebaya or batik today, as it takes significant effort to wear kebaya for a full day at work! I guess you can see that it’s simply an uncomfortable outfit to wear, but you can look few kilos lighter if you wear them right ;)

I guess my celebration will be limited to posting some pictures of me in kebaya Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I just realised that the only pictures of me in kebaya are wedding pictures! Or something related to my wedding. The picture above was my engagement (yes, it was held at the church! Don't ask me why. Traditional rituals and stuff...).

This picture is awfully dark! I guess it's been edited.
But don't you think I look scared?!?
Walking down the aisle is damn scary.

Finally I found a full body picture of me in Kebaya. But where the hell is my sash???
Oh well, I give up!!

Adding a point to my new year's resolution (in April...)... I promise to be a proud Indonesian woman by wearing kebaya more often...
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Review - Kitchenette Restaurant

HY and I went out for dinner last night with his family at Kitchenette. It’s a newly opened concept restaurant, part of the Ismaya Group located in Plaza Indonesia. I’ve walked passed Kitchenette a couple of times, but HY and I are not a big fan of fancy restaurant so we’ve never tried it. But since my sister in law was craving for it, so we all went there.

We had to wait for about 20 minutes before we got a table. It wasn’t an unpleasant wait for me, but then I never really mind waiting. When we were shown to our table, our waiter greeted us warmly and explain the menus and recommendations. HY ordered the house specialties called Galettes, which is basically a French style savory crepe, with meat/cheese/eggs/veggies fillings. I ordered pasta, just to be safe. HY’s family ordered pastas, steak, chicken teriyaki and we all ordered our drinks. I had frozen affogatos, which were DELICIOUS coffee, but made me sleepless until about 2am.

Overall, it was a good meal. HY loves the Galettes (he actually ate 2 portions of Galettes!). Everyone is generally happy with their meals and plan to come back next weekend to try other food on their menus.

I didn't bring my camera and cannot find any picture of the restaurant online, as it was only opened recently. But next time, I'll bring along a camera so you can see the restaurant and meals ordered....

Ambience/Atmosphere: 4/5
Food & Drinks: 4/5
Portion: 3.5/5 (HY had to have 2 Galettes, but the steak ordered by my sis-in-law was huge)
Price: 3.5/5 (Dinner for 5 cost over Rp 600k, approximately US$70)
Would I return: Hell yeah! Just be prepare to wait for your table and meal as they're always full.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

April's MAC Haul

April is MAC Haul month for me. I haven’t went on MAC spending spree for a while, so it was an excuse for me to ‘update’ my MAC collection

Here are some of the things that I bought over the MAC counters in Jakarta (which I gotta say have very limited collection of colors lately) and online:

  • Mineralize Skin Finish in medium
  • Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC15
  • Eye shadow in Mineralize and Steamy
  • Fluidline in Iris Eyes
  • Pigments in Push the Edge and Lovely Lily
  • Slimshine lipstick in Pleasing and Grenadine (still looking for Rock Out, it’s been sold out everywhere!)
  • Mineralise blush in Gentle and Dainty
  • Blushes in Style, Dollymix, and Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre (part of MAC Spring Colour Forecast)
  • Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl (part of Liberty of London collection)

1st Row L-R: MSF in Medium, Azalea Blossom, Shell Pearl
2nd Row L-R: Gentle, Dainty, Dollymix (I left my Style blush at work...)

1st Row L-R: Push the Edge, Lovely Lily, Iris Eyes, Studio Sculpt Concealer
2nd Row L-R: Steamy, Mineralize, Grenadine, Pleasing

I’ll start posting swatches and review some of my fave in another post….