Thursday, February 11, 2010

Honeymoon Dessert Night

I've been craving some desserts from honeymoon dessert for ages and my loveable husband (from now on I'll call him HY) took me there last weekend and said that he will just skip dinner all together since we had a big lunch. I gotta say it was a very nice gesture from him since he hates sweets and desserts.

We started by ordering my favorite dessert... Snow White Sago and Thai Black Glutinous Rice with Durian in Coconut Milk. Yeah... I did order two desserts for my self... didn't really think I would finish them... but I thought I could always 'gently force' HY to finish them for me.

When the order came, I literally dive into the vanilla coconut milk syrup... I've wanted to have these desserts for so long, but we really never had the time. I just love milky and fruity flavor of the syrup, and the durian tasted soooo good with the coconut syrup (and high in cholesterol I'm sure... but none of the healthy stuff ever taste good).

HY is easily intrigued when it comes to trying new food. So even though he hates desserts, he asked for extra bowl and spoon and shared the desserts with me. He liked it so much that he ordered two more desserts. We had durian pancake and green bean with black sesame soup. He ordered the black sesame soup since he remembers that I love black sesame ice cream... aaooowww... sweet isn't he? ;)


The durian pancake tasted light, sweet, and the combination of texture was simply delightful. Too bad they only gave us two pieces. The soup was kinda scary. It looks like squid ink! Or something icky that shouldn't be eaten!! But it tasted quite good. You can really taste the black sesame and it kinda sticks all over your teeth... hehehehe... not a pretty sight...

At the end, we finished all four servings of dessert and went home with a sugar high. With me drawing on a conclusion, that your preference is greatly influenced by those around you, especially those you care the most. My husband who professes to love all things with protein and despises sweet as it provides no benefit to our body was happy to finish four bowls of desserts, just because I was so excited to have them.

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