Tuesday, August 3, 2010

La Femme Sparkle Dust Stack & Eye shadow

My small purchase of La Femme Sparkle Dust Stack and single eye shadow arrived on my door step Friday evening and I woke up early on Saturday morning to play the new addition to my La Femme collection. The only La Femme Cosmetics products that I have purchased before are the blush on rouge and the glow on rouge, which I obsessively acquired one by one. My good experience with the brand fueled my curiosity to try La Femme other products, which seems to be less popular than the blushes. I decided to try its eye make-up because I love doing eye make-up.

L-R: Iridescent Taupe, Sparkle Dust Stack #4 (consist of #5 Opal, #20 Chantilly, #7 Flamenco, #2 Rose Chiffon, #32 Ruby, and #38 Gypsy Wine)

The Sparkle Dust Stack is a set of 6 sparkle dust (loose pigments) colors in a container slightly smaller the full sized sparkle dust. I did the math and the sparkle dust stack seems to be a more logical purchase as I probably will never finish the sparkle dust in smaller container, let alone a full size sparkle dust. So I purchase the Sparkle Dust Stack #4 for $12.85 (the full size sparkle dust cost $3.95 for 4.5grams, which I think is still a good deal) and a single shadow in Iridescent Taupe for $2.97. I selected the colors randomly since I couldn’t (and too lazy to) find swatches of sparkle dust and single shadow on the web. Here are pictures and swatches of La Femme Sparkle Dust Stack and Iridescent Taupe

Sparkle Dust
The actual color of sparkle dust is more vibrant and has a shimmery pearlescent finish rather than just plain glitter. For example, the #5 Opal and #7 Flamenco have bluish shine under the light. Some colors actually look duo tone when swatches on my hand. The sparkle dust color in #2 Rose Chiffon is said to be a dupe of MAC pigment in Fuchsia. But I can’t really verify since I don’t have MAC Fuchsia.

I have nothing to complain about the pigmentation and staying power of both sparkle dust and single shadows. It glides easily and stayed on all day without creasing when applied over Urban Decay Shadow Primer. You can see from the picture below how fine the sparkle dusts are. When applied, it blended out smoothly and effortlessly. I also did not experience as much fall out compared to when applying MAC pigments. I’m guessing the very fine texture of the sparkle dust actually reduce the fall out, because your brush does not actually pick up too much product. When compared to MAC pigments, you can see that MAC pigments tend to clump together.

If you love pigments, you will love these sparkle dusts. In my opinion, La Femme Sparkle Dust is not comparable to MAC pigments because they are two different kinds of pigments. The Sparkle Dust seems to give a more glowy finish while MAC pigments give more vibrant colours. Since I’m a sucker for eye shadow, I would probably collect the both La Femme Sparkle Dust and MAC pigments anyway. Now I just have to find a way to depot them into shadow pan so I can travel with it ;)

Single Shadow
The La Femme single shadow is HUGE! It’s the same size as their blush on rouge. The powders are not as densely packed as MAC shadows, so you only need to lightly brush the pan to pick up enough colors on your brush. I love to wear the Iridescent Taupe on my crease as it’s such a neutral color and can go with most of my shadows. It’s also light enough to be worn to the office or for day time look. I have ordered other colors and finishes to try, so I’ll say more about the single shadow when I get my hands on more of them.

Overall impression: I'm glad I found another high quality product with a very reasonable price tag. I will definitely repurchase them (in other colors, since I doubt that they'll ever run out)

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