Friday, August 6, 2010

Vichy Normaderm Promat Ultra Mattifying Lotion

It's time for another skin care review. My main problem with my combination skin is that it gets oily (especially on T zone area) real bad but I keep having dried flaky skin on my nose (also on my T zone) and around my jaw. The oily face reduces my makeup staying power. It also makes most of loose powder oxidize after a few hours. While all sort of mattifying or oil free moisturizer makes the dryer parts of my face gets even dryer, and my makeup emphasized all the flaky. So it’s a bit of a catch 22… I need to get rid of my dried flaky skin so makeup can be applied smoothly, but I cannot use rich moisturizer because it’ll make my face even oilier.

I was at a local drugstore during my trip to Europe and was actually buying some lip gloss with SPF when I chatted to the sales assistant. She has a very clear smooth pore less skin without eye bag or dark circles under her eyes... And you can tell that she's not even wearing any makeup. So I chatted with her for some skin care tips (yeah... I get a bit random at times).

Basically, she told me about Vichy. We actually have Vichy sold in drugstores in Indonesia, so I was reluctant to buy any Vichy product since I planned to buy things that I couldn't find in Indonesia. But, I did buy an eye gel (since mine is running out) and a mattifying moisturizer from Vichy. I ended up loving the mattifying moisturizer!

It's called Vichy Normaderm Promat. Here's what the official product description.
Instant matte effect and lasting shine control. UVA/UVB sunscreen filters protect against shine activating UV rays.

A recent advance in understanding shine-prone skin: daily UV rays can stimulate the skin to produce more oil and increase shine by 26%.

"Dry Finish" Technology: a shine-control formula with blotting micro-spheres for a lasting mattifying effect. Excess oil is absorbed, skin is left smooth and even. Intra-pore LHA and Vitamin CG help control shine.

UVA/UVA Sunscreen Protection: SPF 15 protects skin from the sun's harmful rays. Regulates the appearance of shine. Prevents re-occuring oiliness caused by UV ray exposure.

Skin is ultra-matte, comfortable and velvety.
Oil-free, light, non-greasy moisturizer.
Will not clog pores nor dry out skin.
Excellent base for makeup.

I've been using it for almost 2 months and it kept my face from getting oily. The formulation is creamy but not sticky at all. It’s absorbed quickly and leaves your skin matte, like you didn’t actually put any moisturizer on. I do continue with ROC Minesol Sunscreen (SPF it’s a must if you want to keep wrinkles and aging skin at bay), but the Vichy Normaderm Promat even stops the more oily finish of the sunscreen from making my face all oily and shinny.

Usually, I start blotting my face after 3-4 hrs of applying makeup. But now I only have to blot my face once at the end of the day, which is right after I left work after 6:00 PM (after more than 8 hrs of applying makeup). My makeup stays intact all day. Also I've tried different loose powders and noticed that they actually don't oxidize on me.

The mattifying moisturizer makes a good combo when used together with my Liz Earle hot & polish cleanser, as the cleanser cleanse my face without stripping the moisture out of it. As a result, I can get away wearing very light moisturizer. I do amp up my moisturizing regime at night, by using a moisturizing serum at night and slap up some moisturizing mask twice a week. That way, my skin gets all the moisture it need when I’m fast asleep and no one cares if my face gets as shinny as the bottom of an oiled up frying pan.

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  1. Hi, nice post you got here! I'm wondering whether those two vichy products are still sold in Indonesian drugstores nowadays? Thanks in advance! ;)