Thursday, June 28, 2012

Coral Nail with Acrylic Nail Art

I've loved coral and blue/turquoise combination for ages. I think it all started back when I worked in a Melbourne jewelery store, during my college years. The color combination reminds me of an exotic beach in Greek isle

So I chose a coral nail for my manicure, but opted for a white acrylic nail art to instead of a blue/turquoise accent, just to make the coral pops up and my finger nails look brighter. I added a bit of glitter to help cover my nail tips, just to make sure the manicure lasts for more than 2 days. I also find that applying glitter at you nail tips help to masks any nail polish chip that you might get from doing housework... or from typing (bashing) the keyboard 10-12 hours a day.

I quite like the end result. Next manicure I will definitely go for coral & turquoise combo.

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