Monday, July 9, 2012

Blue Master Bedroom Decor

This is my first home decor post!
Considering that I've spent a significant portion of my free time and a huge chunk of our salary for finishing and decorating our new house (or what I always jokingly referred to as our love nest... with HY rolling his eyes whenever I said that) it is only fair to blog about our efforts for making our new house a real home for both of us. To justify our taste in design (or rather the lack of it), we have zero knowledge of design. HY works in Finance and I work in Technology... so most of decor decisions are made based on function and value for money, with a little bit of artistic touch based on some articles that we read somewhere in home decor magazines. *wink*

Despite our lack of artistic taste, I've had a fun time picking up the wall colors, wallpapers and the coordinating curtain color in our new house, even though I couldn't really go all out with my color selection since HY prefers a neutral color palettes while I love bold colored walls. But I've managed to convince him to put the tiniest bit of color on our master bedroom. At the beginning, the in-laws thought that having a blue bedroom is a joke since their idea of master bedroom is more traditional with beige walls and solid teak furniture. Well, for me colored coordinated room is a dream come true! I have lived surrounded with beige walls all my life and having sky blue walls in our bedroom was the first sign of rebellion on my part... haha...

So I let HY choose his favorite shade of blue and I started planning my decor. The wall color is from Dulux Pentalite, which is an interior paint known for its lasting color and durability.

The master bedroom dimension is long rectangular with large windows on two sides, and the other two sides have doors to our walk in closet, ensuite bathroom, and a connecting room (I'm planning ahead for lots and lots of babies, so I planned a connecting baby room... if not I'll probably use it for shoe closet or something). Anyway, we have a hard time deciding the furniture layout since we have a full solid wall to rest our bedhead on. At the end, we ask a carpenter to make us a new bedhead that can be rested on the wall between the two large windows. We also placed a small cabinet and our TV in the middle of the room in an attempt to make the room less rectangular and more squarish.

I've also put up a greenish blue wallpaper with gold pattern that was purchased from here on the wall where the bedhead is placed. We've used roman shade in a plain color and layer a patterned curtain on top of it. I just thought the combination adds some warmth to the master bedroom. It took me almost two weeks to scour through half a dozen of stores to find the right combination of blue wallpaper, roman shade and curtain. But the hard work paid off when my in-laws said that they love the combination. A single praise from them is probably equivalent a thousand praise from my own parents.. so I'm happy ;)

The picture is a bit dark since I'm using an old digital camera and I have no idea how to change its settings So it was just point and snap. The first picture on the top left is probably shows the closest to real life color.

HY also loves our new master bedroom and it proves that sometimes I just need to stand up for what I really want despite all the negative comments.
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