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Beginner's Guide to Perfect Falsies

Who doesn't dream for a thick, long and beautiful lashes that can instantly gives you a feminine look? When it comes to apply a pair of false eye lashes, I consider my self a total amateur. In the past, I have to dash to the salon just to ask the beautician to apply my false lashes. In the events that quick dash to the salon is impossible, I would spend almost 30 minutes fiddling with my false lashes before giving up and just go without falsies.


Those quick dash to the salon for help with false lashes sure adds up quite a lot. So I made decision to 'train' myself on the quickest, most efficient ways to apply falsies. In my mind, my final goal is to be able to put on a pair of false lashes while driving being stuck in Jakarta's traffic. I purchased boxes of false lashes and started wearing false lashes wherever I go... even when the occasion doesn't call for a pair of false lashes. Just imagine HY and I, went on a quick breakfast at 9am with me dressed in shorts, tank-top, and worn out rubber flip flop, almost no make up except for my eyeliner and thick falsies. It wouldn't look out of place, if only I applied it evenly and straight. Duh! Well, I needed a lot of practice and being stared at for having a crooked eyes is just a small price to pay.

My learning curve has resulted in a short list of tips, which hopefully would help anyone who is learning to apply your own falsies.

1. Start small, use smaller falsies. You don't want to begin your learning curve with the thickest most luscious falsies available, as it's easier to spot when its applied unevenly and you would probably feel that you have puffy eyes or very heavy lid. The key with wearing falsies is to make sure it's as comfortable as much as it looks good. Then you wouldn't think about your falsies, whether they're staying on, or agonize whether the cute guy next to you is staring at you mesmerized by your beauty or because something is wrong with your lashes. I started with practicing using bottom lashes or accent lash for a more natural results. My favourite is Lash Accent #301 from Ardell. For bottom lashes, I just got a cheap drugstore brand. Don't start with the individual lash (even though technically it is the smallest lash you can find) as it requires better hand coordination.

2. Do not rush. You will probably muck up your first couple applications, so plan ahead and make time so you can learn to apply it properly.

3. Apply your eyeliner first. Not only eyeliner helps define the shape of your eyes (good application can even visually alter the shape of your eyes), but it acts as an additional safeguard when applying false lashes. Lets just say that people won't notice it as much if you can't stick those falsies close to your lash line because you have line your eyes. I tend to use gel liner whenever I'm applying falsies as I will end up with a line thicker than a line drawn using liquid liner, but also cleaner than when applying liner using kohl/pencil. You can use any kind of eyeliner, just make sure you've put decent amount on your lash line. Afterwards, you can reapply liquid or gel liner on top of the lash bone to hide the false lash bone from showing.

4. Use a good eyelash glue. These are the most common mistakes made, as we are not willing to spend extra bucks for good eyelash glue while I've seen some people are willing to pay up to $20 for handmade lashes made from natural hair. I was told by some of my MUA friends that good glue helps with lash application, especially for beginners. So I 'invested' in DUO Eyelash Adhesive, which can be bought from any MAC counter or Sephora for $8. It comes in white (that dries to a clear color) and black.

5. Still about glue, wait a couple of seconds after applying the glue to the eyelash. Applying falsies with a dollop of wet glue will most likely end up in disaster. Your false lash will move around when it is applied while the glue is wet, so wait for a couple of seconds so it will become completely dry a couple of seconds after you push it onto your lash line. You also don't need a whole lot of glue. If you're having trouble applying a thin line of glue on the bone of your false lash, squirt a bit of glue on to a cotton bud then spread it out evenly.

6. Use lash applicator for help. If you have stubbly fingers like mine, it would probably be hard enough to hold the falsies properly, let alone applying it to a closed/half-closed eyes. Use a tweezers (just avoid those pointy tweezers as we don't want anyone poking their eyes out in the process). Or use a lash applicator that comes in all sizes and colors. Basically whatever you're comfortable with.

7. Try lashes from various brand. I found that lashes made by certain brand to be easier to apply. Mostly it depends on the type of its 'bone'. Some brands have thicker 'bone' (the line/fibre that holds each of the lash together), which tends to be more durable so you can reuse it again and again. But I know that some Japanese brands use softer and more pliable bone that is much easier to apply, as it will bent easily to follow the curve of your eyes. Note that some brands are now selling falsies with invisible lash bone to achieve a more natural look, but invisible bone doesn't mean that it will be soft and pliable. The best way to learn is to purchase a couple lashes from different brands to find the one that you like most.

8. Make sure you curl your lash and apply two coats of mascara. I think having curled lashes coated with mascara helps with application as you can actually placed your false lash on top of your own lashes. Think of it as a leveraging tool for your false lashes.

9. Stretch your eyelids. Like physical exercise, you finish up this lash exercise with a stretch. I have large lids that tends to be all creased up around the lash line when my eyes are closed. So sometimes it feels like the false lash is tugging on my eyelids. To solve this problem, just gently pull both sides of your eye outwards (do it for 1 eye at a time), so that the glue will reach any creases and you won't feel like it's tugging anymore. Don't wait too long for to do it. Do it while the glue is still half dry.

10. Practice makes perfect. If you muck up your application a couple of time, don't give up. I used to take out my false lashes and just put it on without adding any glue. False lashes already comes with a bit of glue to keep them stuck on the box. So I do a practice run by wearing false lashes minus the glue at home, then after a while take them off.

I'm getting so much better with false lash that I'm able to apply it in a matter of minutes, but I'm still not a false lash expert. I just don't have the courage to try my ultimate goal (yet).. driving while applying falsies.. hehehe.. But women's brain are made for multitasking... so you never know... maybe one day I will...

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