Monday, June 24, 2013

Back from another hiatus...

Ok, somehow going on hiatus has become a habit of mine. I am juggling so many roles in life that whenever things get super busy, I need to drop some balls roles to continue juggling. I have been developing a small fashion house with my sister where she is in charge of the ready wear collection and production as a whole, while I am developing the traditional line. It has been a fun yet challenging year since sourcing and transforming traditional Indonesian materials are not as easy as it seems. But I'm proud to take part in promoting Indonesian materials locally as well as internationally (through various online media).

I will share some pictures of my treasured findings and design through this blog. Hopefully these images can inspire you or simply brighten your days :)

*Please note that most images are captured using my iPhone or android since I do not always have my DSLR with me*

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