Monday, July 15, 2013

Glowing pink cheek with Tom Ford Beauty Cheek Color in Wicked

My fascination with Tom Ford product started with its lipstick, but I am a blush collector by nature. So when I found a new love for a brand I would always try its blushes. Tom Ford Wicked Beauty Cheek Color in Wicked was not the first blush I purchased, but it is one of my favorite.

I purchased mine from a spree service and it takes forever to be delivered. Just look at how worn the box is. At the time the picture was taken, I've had it for almost 2 weeks.

I don't think I need to explain about how luxurious the packaging is. You have probably come across dozens of blogs raving about the packaging. All you need to know is that this blush compact is sleek and clean (no worries about leaving fingerprints all over the compact or it attracting dust like NARS packaging), no brush included (for me most free blush brush rendered useless anyway), comes with velvet pocket (comes handy when traveling as it protects your compact), and has mirror that is wide enough to use.

I'm not good with defining color, but let me try. According to my untrained eyes, Wicked is a shimmery light berry pink blush. I know some people cringe at the sound of 'shimmer', but the shimmer in Wicked is very finely milled. When applied, it gives you slight luster rather than shimmer. I think it actually fakes healthy skin, because my cheek looks flushed and glows slightly, just like when I just finished exercising (minus the sweat and messed up hair). Based on the name alone, I was expecting a 'bolder' raspberry blush that is a bit purplish. After wearing it for a while, I honestly think that the name should really be Flushed instead of Wicked. But I guess Tom Ford has different perception on flushed cheeks because he has another blush in the range called Flushed.

For me the pink raspberry color is not very unique since I have tons of blush and can easily duplicate the same shade of pink using cheaper alternatives. But I don't think the shimmer/luster can be duplicated easily. It blends so well into your skin and does not emphasize my giant pores, making it looks like your cheek is glowed from the inside. The pigmentation is alright, but it is quite a sheer color that is easily buildable. Somehow its sheerness does not affect it wear time. On my combination skin it last for about 6-7 hours before it started fading. Please note that I wear my cosmetics indoor in an air conditioned room. So, on a more humid weather outside it might last slightly less.

Overall, it's a very pricey blush but I didnt regret getting it because:
- I have a 'thing' for blush, even the overpriced one
- the powder and texture is super smooth and applies like a dream
- it's quite long lasting
- I'm plain bad because I just LUUUUURVE luxury cosmetics

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