Monday, July 1, 2013

LOTD - Burberry Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick in Bright Plum

I was not much of a lipstick girl. In the past, I probably only had 4 or 5 lipsticks that I wore for more formal occasions. But most days I used to dedicate my time to decorate my eyes (which I sometimes believe as my best feature) and just slapped on any lip gloss that I happen to find in my bag or my work desk. I never like how dry my lips feels after applying lipstick and how some lipsticks are heavily scented (everyone said it's vanilla scent... but for me they always smell like yucky old cosmetics). Lipstick tends to accentuate all my cracks and flakes of my lips (regardless of their finish). I also don't like how it wear off unevenly. When work gets busy, reapplying lipstick becomes priority #111 because I would need to stop working, grab a mirror and reapply my lipstick. The bottom line is I don't like it. 

Strangely two years ago, I decided to jump on the luxury brand band wagon. It started with a Chanel lipstick that I bought in Singapore duty free. The coverage was great, quite moisturizing and it wear off evenly making reapplication much easier. From then on, the rest is history. I just love wearing bright lipstick and how having bright lips seems to dress up.

My latest love is Burberry Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick (rrp $30). Okay.. to be honest, I purchased my first Burberry lipstick because of its packaging. All the beauty blogger was raving about its sleek gunmetal casing with magnetic closure. So I bought one just to have a try at the casing. Surprise surprise when I actually love the texture, pigmentation, and how moisturizing it is.

From all the Lip Cover I currently have in my stash, my favorite color is Bright Plum. I always have a thing for berry colored lipsticks, so it's no surprise that Bright Plum was one of the first color that I ordered. Upon application, you can smell and taste the light rosy scent of the lipstick, but it went away after a few minutes. The lipstick does not emphasize any of my lip cracks even though my lips was quite dry. I just LOVE its creamy texture. Then talk about pigmented lip color... well, Burberry Lip Cover is super pigmented and they last for hours. On me Bright Plum wears for about 4 hours and was only started to wear off after I had greasy fried chicken for lunch. Even after that greasy fried chicken, a natural plummy color was left on my lips until I wiped them off (because of all the grease.. I really need to find healthier lunch menu).

Aside from the lipstick formulation, I love the color Bright Plum because on my lips it turns out slightly reddish pink rather than dark vampy plum color. It is quite strange because the bullet looks quite dark, but the color lighten slightly when applied on my lips.

This is a quick lip swatch of one layer of Bright Plum applied on my lips. When I apply two layers, the color turn slightly darker plum but never gets too vampy for me. The shape of the lipstick also makes it quite easy to apply. I applied the lipstick directly from the tube and even though it's not the best application, it is quite neat especially for such a bold color.

Overall, I'm loving Burberry Lip Cover and it's a welcome addition to my growing lipstick stash.

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