Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Traincase favorite - NARS Crazed blush

I thought I would do one post each week dedicated for a few of my beauty staples that I have been using over the years. None of the products covered in this categories are new purchases. They are just some items that tend to reach for because I know they will work, not because they're new and I'd like to try them on. Please keep in mind that what works for me does not necessarily works on others.. so try them for yourself and hopefully you'll find something that works for you.

The first product that comes into mind is one of my favorite blush, NARS Crazed. We don't have NARS cosmetics in Indonesia, so I was looking up blush swatches online for NARS Matahari vs NARS Desire when I came across pictures and swatches of NARS Crazed. I always have a soft spot for all thing raspberry colored. So I forgot about NARS Matahari and NARS Desire for a while (just for a while though) and googled for NARS Crazed. I was pretty gutted when I found out it was discontinued!

So I made it my mission to find it, purchase it, swap it, steal it, and basically I'd do almost about anything to get my paws on it. I spent months scouring ebay, amazon, MUA, and anything else I can think of to find it. After a couple of months, I saw a used NARS Crazed being sold online. This time, lady luck is on my side, since the seller lives in Indonesia and even in the same city as I am. The blush was worn for a couple of times before she decided to sell it, because it was too pigmented for her fair complexion. I was over the moon!

I was so happy and excited when the blush arrives in the mail one night after work. I ended up taking off my cheek color and applying NARS Crazed right then and there.

I've had NARS Crazed for a couple of years and I still reach for it very often. The color is super pigmented raspberry pink with very fine golden shimmer. The first time I applied it, I used my blusher brush, MAC 129 and it looks to waaaay too much. After years trying to master the application of this super pigmented blush, I've learned to use very light handed when applying it using my standard blusher brush. So just a little tap with the end of my MAC 129 brush and apply it ever so lightly. If you still deposit too much color on your cheek, just use another clean brush to buff it out.

Alternatively, I also love to use my MAC 187 duo fibre brush (also with light hand application) as the fine synthetic brush top picks up less product than my usual MAC 129 brush head. Another of my favorite brush for applying super pigmented blush like NARS Crazed is Ecotools Sheer Finish Kabuki brush. The brush was originally purchased to apply loose powder for setting my foundation, but I found the bristles are too flimsy making it difficult to control precise application. So I've found another use for this brush.

Also make sure to apply your make up (especially a highly pigmented blush such as NARS Crazed) in a properly lit room. I did apply Crazed inside my dimly light walk-in robe once because I was too lazy to open the curtain and when I looked at my rear view mirror while driving to work, it simply looks like a case of domestic violence.

NARS Crazed works for me because the berry tone actually brightens up my yellowish complexion. The shimmer is very subtle (especially when compared to Super Orgasm chunky glitter) and when applied gives my check a subtle glow instead of glitter. In terms of staying power, Crazed stays put on my cheek (without any foundation or primer) from 7am to 6 pm. I work in an air conditioned office with minimum (more like zero) physical activity (but stress level of 120%). My blushes always fade a bit in the late afternoon when I pat oil blotting paper on my face. But NARS Crazed stay put as long as I just pat the oil blotting paper and not rub it all over my face.

Crazed is one of my favorite NARS blush. If you like berry colored blushes, you’d probably like Crazed too. Would I buy it again if I ever run out? Yes yes yes... without any doubt... if I am lucky enough to find another pan out there...

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