Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Huge NYX & La Femme Haul

I arrived home after a super duper busy day at work (Monday is always hectic as crazy for me) to two bundle of packages. I didn’t know what was in it because I’ve been ordering cosmetics here and there for the past month and none has arrived.

When I opened it, I jumped with joy and grab my camera. It’s like Christmas came in June… These are the things that I bought…

NYX Haul

La Femme Blush on Rouge Haul (Gosh! These are one of my fave blushes!!)

Sadly, some of these goodies are to be sent to a friend. But here are the detailed pictures as I was told to check on them before hand to make sure that everything arrived in one piece...

NYX Smokey Eyes palette

NYX Carribean Collection - I Dream of Barbados palette
NYX Carribean Collection - I Dream of Antigua palette

NYX Cream Blush - Hot Pink

NYX Cream Blush - Glow

NYX Round lipstick - Doll, Georgia, Margarita

NYX Jumbo Shadow in Cottage Cheese & Slate
NYX Highlight Mosaic Powder

And my long awaited purchase... La Femme Blush on Rouge (I have even bought a Japonesque palette from amazon about a month ago so I can depot them to the palette). La Femme is said to be one of Hollywood Make Up Artist best kept secret. And it's easy to understand why. Because it's dirt cheap! I don't think any client of well known Hollywood Make Up Artist will be very happy to know that she is walking down the red carpet wearing a $2 blush on ^__^ But I love la femme blushes and will be trying its other range (starting from the eyeshadow...)

Top L-R: Coral Spice, Pink Velvet, Frambroise, Cinnabar, -empty-, Bobbi Brown nectar
Bottom L-R: Crystal Cafe, Pink, Stormy Rose, Peach Sparkle, -empty-, -empty-

I deliberately write down the 'empty' slot as I've ordered other colours to fill in my palettes... yaaaayyy....

I am planning to do a post for swatches of all my La Femme blush on rouge soon. I just have to find the time to do it :)



  1. Hi,

    How did you depot your La Femme blushes? Thank you

  2. I would also LOVE to know how you depotted the La Femme blushes. I received 3 potted blushes in a MakeupAlley swap and would much prefer to put them in palette with my La Femme pans.

  3. Hi Nikki,
    you can depot La Femme blush the same way as depotting MAC eyeshadows/blushes.

    Incase you've never done it before, follow these simple steps:
    1. Unscrew the lid. You should be able to see a little gap at the top part of the pot. Pry it open with a nail file or knife (please be extra careful when using sharp object) :)
    2. After you are able to separate the top part of the blush, use heat to loosen up glue that sticks the metal container to the plastic pot. I used my straightening iron for this. It'll take around 15-20 seconds for the glue to melt.
    3. Use a nail file or knife to lift the metal container out and it's ready to be depotted to your palette.