Monday, June 14, 2010

Review & Swatches - Rouge G de Guerlain

I was doing some window shopping and cosmetic counter hopping in on the mall in Jakarta with one of my online fried, Lumiele, when I decided to check out the Guerlain counter. Bad move! I have been craving for Guerlain lipstick, especially the Rouge G de Guerlain #63 Giulette after seeing swatches of it online for some time, which was always out of stock. Unfortunately (for my wallet), Guerlain counter just got restocked!

So I ended up buying Rouge G de Guerlain #62 Georgia (#63 was a bit too bright for me). Here is my take on it.

It’s damn heavy for a lipstick! The mirrored casing looks very chic and elegant, but it’s definitely a fingerprint magnet. The lid is magnetized and closed with an elegant ‘click’. When you slide it open, the top part of the casing will open an double mirror so you can apply and reapply lipstick on the go. I guess the casing is the reason why it’s freaking expensive. I’m still trying to figure out how it’s gonna stand on my vanity table, as it has no flat surface whatsoever.

The sales assistant said the Rouge G de Guerlain is an improved formula compared to their other lipstick as it contains vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid microspheres to help fill the fine lines on your lips, and ruby crystal to achieve the glossy effect. In simple words, the lipstick meant to help retain moisture to your lips, stops the color from feathering, and makes you lips look super duper kissable (I’ll have to check that with HY later). When applied, it glides on smoothly and blended easily on my lips. I didn’t even have to use lip brush or apply lip gloss as base before hand. It does have a very light scent of vanilla, but not as strong as the Kiss Kiss Maxi Shine range. I can’t stand the smell of heavily scented lipstick on my lips (like Channel and YSL), but at least I can stand the smell of Rouge G de Guerlain lipstick.

Staying power:
It stays put about 4 hours. I only put it on before I went out for dinner with HY, where I gulp down three slices of pizza, share a bowl of peking duck salad, and wash it down with lychee lemon tea and close it off it a bowl of red mango frozen yoghurt. I didn’t re-apply and I can still see the rosey colour on my lips when we got home.

It’s a sheer rose color. However, as I have a pigmented rose lips, on me the #62 Georgia look quite pigmented in colour (see the swatches below).

Overall review:
It's a great great lipstick. However, considering its steep price ($45 in US retailer and Rp 555k or equivalent to $59 in Indonesia!!!), I’m not gonna buy every single color out there. But I do love the texture and will buy a couple more of it in more neutral color for everyday use. For $45 lipstick, I’m not gonna scant and use if for special occasion, instead I’ll use it every single day to make sure I get the most of it..

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