Saturday, June 12, 2010

NARS Limited Edition Lip Glosses

Good new for NARS lip glosses lover out there (or bad news… depending on how you see it), NARS teamed up with Sephora for the release of 5 new Limited Edition Lip Glosses, which are adopted based on five of its most popular cult blushes. The Colours are Angelika, Super Orgasm, Oasis, Luster and Albatross.

NARS promotional image

The first thing that came to my mind was actually: How come Super Orgasm is more popular than Orgasm (as I didn’t see Orgasm on the list). Then I realized that NARS already have Orgasm Lip Gloss as part of their permanent line. DUH!

The second thing that came to my mind was: How come I don’t own Oasis if it’s one of NARS most popular blush? And make a mental note to go and get one…

Finally, I browse for some swatches of the lip glosses. I know that the official release date is July 29 so no one will probably have a decent swatches posted online, but thought I’ll give it a try anyway. Guess what? Make Up and Beauty Blog have swatches of all five glosses already… Don’t ask me how she managed to get her hands on the unreleased glosses.... ;)

So I’m reposting the image from their website. Thank you for Karen, the lovely lady who make all those useful posts in Make Up and Beauty Blog, and her cute cat for the post \(^o^)/ If seeing the swatch makes you crave for some… or ALL of the glosses… I guess you can partly blame it on her wonderful swatches as well :))

Swatches from left: Angelika, Super Orgasm, Oasis, Luster and Albatross
image source: Make Up and Beauty Blog post

I love the texture of NARS lip glosses, even more than MAC’s. It’s glossy but not sticky, doesn’t sink into fine lines on my chapped lips, no weird smells at all, and some of the colors are simply waaaayy pretty… Right now I’m loving the Frisky Summer (not sure because of the colour or just because the name corresponds to my summer holiday mood).

I wonder, how pretty would Angelika, Oasis, and Luster would look on my lips.. So glad that my cheeks are not the only one (or two) who can have fun with NARS blushes, but now my lips can have fun as well…

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