Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gosh Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Pink Rose & Frou Frou

I'm feeling so cheerful everytime I look at my manicure this week. The polish called Pink Rose from Gosh Cosmetics, a European based cosmetic company I discovered during my summer cruise. The packaging of Gosh Cosmetics seemed plain and uninteresing to me. The counter I visited was a drugstore counter and was not as fun or glamorous or interesting enough to me. The only reason I picked up my nail polish is because a friend asked me to find some colours that cannot find online. But now I'm loving them like mad and regretting that I only picked up two nail polishes....
image: Gosh Americas

I bought two colors: Pink Rose and Frou Frou. They didn't even have a tester, so I had to pick the colors based on the color from the bottle. Pink Rose looked like a barbie doll hot pink while Frou Frou looked like pinkish chrome to me. Here is Gosh Nail Lacquer in Pink Rose. The swatch picture actually looks more coral than pink. I guess the camera washed out the color a little bit. In real life it's more blueish pink rather than coral. This is after a base coat by OPI, two layers of Gosh Pink Rose, and no top coat.

The polish is very smooth and quite opaque. 1 layer of polish will definitely cover your nail without streaks and the second layer will result in opaque barbie doll pink. I don't usually carry off hot pink nail polish as it can make my fingers look darker, but this is one of a few hot pink colour that works on me. The formula is just right, it wasn't gloopy or runny at all.

Here a picture I took for Frou Frou. In this picture I had 2 coats on and it's been on for almost a week. Again the camera doesn't do justice on how pretty and striking the colour looks in real life. It's not a frosted colour, but more like a very very fine glitter that dried to a chrome finish. The formula is slightly more runny than Pink Rose, but it makes the application much easier as its runny formula results in non-streaky finish. I usually find it hard to apply metallic polish because they streak easily, but even 1 coat of Frou Frou covered my nail color completely without streaking.

Look how pretty the chrome finish is... it actually sparkles under the sunlight because the polish is made from very very tiny and fine glitter... I'm in lurve...

I think it's a nice addition to my nail polish collection. Now.... if only they make a more interesting nail polish bottle... ;)


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    i imagine the second one looks like the ones from skin food.. have you ever tried those? if yes, please do make some comparison! :D