Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nars Fall 2010 Collection

I'm in love with NARS Fall 2010 promo image of Daphne Guiness, who is the muse for Francois Nars' Fall 2010 collection. She did a wonderful job as I'm head over heels with the vibrant royal purple eye shadow, rosy lips, elegant brownish pink blush!

So here's in my shopping list...
- Doceur blush: described as soft pink-brown colored blush. It looks very elegant on Daphne, but I'm hoping it doesn't make my yellow-tone Asian skin tone look dirty or dull. Thankfully I heard it's not a limited edition blush, so there's no rush there...
- Strawberry Fields lip gloss: described as deeply pigmented strawberry color and almost opaque. *excited!!* I've placed my order already!
- Daphne Single Eye Shadow: a vibrant royal purple eye shadow for a purple lover like me. Well... just look at the promo image, isn't it gorgeous?!?
- Mangrove Single Eye Shadow: a yellowy-lime shadow perfect for brightening up your inner corner.. I'm so gonna copy Daphne's make up!! Hahahaha...


  1. I tried Nars Daphne eyeshadow, but it came out a muddy purple instead of the intensely saturated colour I saw on the pot. It's a particularly bright shade of warm jewel purple instead of MAC's Parfait Amour (which has more of a brownish/plum tone).
    It'll probably a long time before I find one that gives me the exact colour I see in Nars's pot...

  2. Have you tried wearing it on top of a decent eye shadow base like UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion)? I find muted colors comes out more vibrant when applied on top of UDPP. Btw, I'm actually more curious with Mangrove shadow... bright yellowy lime.. hmmmm