Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Swatches - Joppa Mineral Blush

For me, warmer weather means lighter cosmetics and for me minerals cosmetic is the light way to go. So I thought I'll post swatches of my Joppa Minerals Blushers/Bronzers.

I have a 22 blushers and bronzers sample pack from Joppa Minerals, which I ordered so I can decide colors are that are most suitable for my skin tone before ordering the full size blush. The samples come in plastic zip lock bags, which makes it ideal for traveling, as the whole 22 blushers and bronzers can fit easily into your handbag. Just tip a little bit on to a clean tissue/paper and you can use it straight away.

Here are the swatches done on the inside of my forearm. My coloring is NC30, but my forearm is way lighter. I think it’s about NC15-NC20.


My favorite blushers and bronzers would be (in no particular order):
  • Pink Lemonade: it gives me a healthy glow. The swatch looks powdery, but you can see a hint of peach when applied on the cheek
  • Plumeria: despite the name, it does not have any hint of plum when applied, but it’s a more natural grown up color for my coloring.
  • Delightful: is suitable for my everyday blush. Its rosy color and slight shimmer gives me a healthy sun kissed glow
  • Back from the Beach: it’s the perfect bronzer color for me. It has slight orangey tinge to it, without make my skin looks dirty.
  • Savannah: another favorite for my everyday blush, which have more peachy tone rather than Delightful’s pinkish tone 
  • Tuscany: The perfect highlighter for me. It's not too shimmery, which is what I preferred as too much shimmer can enlarged my pores.


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