Friday, May 14, 2010

Beauty Routine - Lemon

I love using natural ingredients as part of my beauty routine. I love to scour my kitchen and garden to find something that I can use in conjunction with my current skincare. I’ve previously written about my favorite natural ingredients, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Now it’s the turn for my trusty lemon and lemon juice.

I’ve been using lemon as part of my beauty routine for a couple of months. I started realizing the benefit of vitamin c for my skin when I underwent a laser eye corrective procedure about 6 years ago, which requires me to have 1000mg of vitamin c on a daily basis to help the scars on my retina heals. Vitamin c did not only heal the scars, but my complexion was noticeably smoother and fairer. Since then, I’ve been consuming vitamin c supplements and buying vitamin c serum for my face, which practically cost me my arms and legs. So when I went back to Indonesia, I resort to a cheaper alternative, lemon juice. Here’s how you can use lemon and its juice as part of your beauty routine.

1. Skin serum - I usually take half of a smaller sized lemon and rub them on my face after it has been cleansed. Make sure to avoid any open wound or inflamed pimples as the lemon juice can irritate your skin. After rubbing the lemon on to the face, gently massage the remaining lemon juice on your skin until it dries completely. Usually I do this right before bed and went straight to bed without washing my face afterward. But if your skin is sensitive, wash your face before going to bed, or you might wake up with red spots or irritated skin in the morning. Try not to do this too often though; twice a week should be enough.

2. Skin lighteners – I got dark elbows from slouching in front of my laptop at work every day. I’ve stopped slouching (for now), but my dark elbows were not getting any better. So I use half a lemon (usually after I use them on my face like in the point above) and rub the remaining juices on my elbows and knees. I’ve been using them for nearly 3 months and I can see the difference. My elbows and knees are a tad lighter (and smoother from my daily dose of EVOO).

3. Hair rinse – I mix 1 jug of chilled tea with the freshly squeezed lemon juice from a large lemon and use it as a hair rinse after I’ve shampooed my hair. As I don’t wash my hair with water afterward, I always make sure I strain my lemon juice so I don’t end up with lemon pulp all over my hair.

4. Mask – I do this in a variety of ways. I usually mix tablespoon of sugar, honey, and freshly squeezed lemon juice together to a pasty consistency and scrub my face gently with it. I was feeling experimental when I first tried it, but notice that my skin was noticeably smoother and suppler. After a couple of times, it my complexion looks slightly brighter. I only wished I took some before-after photos so I can actually compare the difference. When I’m lazy and not feeling like squeezing some lemons, I just cut two slices and put the slices next to my nose at night. It helps tighten my pores.

I’m still thinking of other ways I can use Lemon as part of my beauty routine, especially since it’s cheap, easy to get, and fully loaded with Vitamin C. Actually, I wonder whether kiwi would have the same effect. They do higher concentration of Vitamin C than Lemon…

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