Saturday, May 1, 2010

NARS Multiple Tint

I was browsing the NARS website as I'm planning to order a few lippies and glosses, and noted new release of NARS Multiple Tint on May 1st (which is today!)

I know there are mixed reaction when it comes to NARS multiple. Some people loves it and some doesn't. I'm somewhere right in the middle. I don't completely love it, but I do like how multiple give me the flush of color and glow to my cheek. I also like the idea of popping the multiple in my hand bag for touch up, and not having to carry a huge blush brush with me (mind you I've got no travel size blush brush... if anyone care to donate one for me ^__^).

Good things aside, I don't like the gritty texture of some of the multiple I've tried on. And the price tag is also unjustifiable! Personally, I'd rather have a less multiple for cheaper price as you only need a teeny winy bit. That's why I don't collect multiple since I know there's no way I can finish the whole thing in a life time...

But I do love the colour of new NARS Multiple Tint
It comes in 3 colours:
- Beverly Hills: bright red tint
- Cadaqués: bright fuchsia tint
- Turks & Caicos: bright orange tint

I'm deciding between Beverly Hills and Cadaqués. They'll be perfect for my summer holiday as I'll be spending 2 weeks cruising Eastern Europe... Yeaaay.... (I kinda wish that we'll be cruising Greek Isle... but I guess Eastern Europe is better than no cruise at all). I'll be putting my order in tomorrow and hopefully I'll get my hands on it soon... Geez, sometimes it's a pain living here... good cosmetics are hard to get and when it's so expensive to order...


  1. Hewwow... since you're reviewing Nars...
    I checked out Liberty and Selfridges as part of 'research' for a particular shade of orange-red lipstick (almost covered everything bar Dior, Chanel and Lancome.) The selection was narrowed down to Nars's Heatwave (£17) and Tom Ford's Ginger Fawn (£35). Nars wins hands-down for colour and price, but TF's formulation is much preferred! Both are generously pigmented.

    But yea, pick something that looks less English rose. Or a fitting shade that's yet to be part of your beauty arsenal ;))

  2. Hewwoooww... I don't think Heatwave will go with my coloring, but I think it'll go with yours. :) But coral and orange seems to be the thing for summer.

    I'm loving Guerlain Giuelette Rouge G lipstick #63 and Chanel Phoenix Rouge Allure Laque #78... probably for my bday... *hint hint*.. go and check it out..