Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I discovered the brand Sohum on my last trip to Melbourne on 2009. We were walking through Melbourne Central and I couldn’t help my self when I saw an island counter filled with bottles and candles, as I love anything that smells delicious.

The sales assistant showed various products and everything smell divine. I decided to get one lotion, despite HY’s complains of the zillion bottles of perfume and moisturizers I’ve got on my vanity table (and bedside table… and bathroom cabinet.. and some travel size bottles on my car. Well, you get the idea). But since its an Australian product and only sold in Australia, I made a point of not knowing when I’ll be able to return to Australia. Plus Melbourne air is sooo drying on my skin, he wouldn’t like it if my skin looks dry and wrinkled since it cracked easily. So one extra bottle wouldn’t hurt. (Ha! I actually ended up buying 5 bottles at the end of our trip!)

Anyway, I bought Sohum Crème De Luxe in Cotton Flower (AUD 29.95 for 250ml/8.4oz) and Crème Royale in Fleur de Methe (AUD 24.95 for 400ml.

Crème De Luxe contains love (yes, it was the first ingredients listed), jojoba and chamomile. It claims to condition and tone the skin. I wasn’t gonna buy until the sales assistant apply it on my arms and when she was rubbing it in lightly, I can see the dead skins are actually coming out! I’m not really sure how it works, but it was great (also kinda gross and embarrassing. She must’ve thought I don’t wash my self well everyday!) She said most people will always have dead skins on your body, unless you scrub your self every single day, which then will be too drying on your skin. I later find out the best way of applying Crème De Luxe is by putting it on like a normal moisturizer, wait for about 5 minutes, and start rubbing it in gently. You’ll be amazed of the result.

The Creme Royale is a rich moisturizer, which smells stronger than Cotton Flower, but I absolutely loved. I usually just wear a little bit of it on my body, so it won’t be too overpowering.

The textures of both lotions are creamy and non greasy, as it's made using shea butter. However, it does not get absorbed by skin quickly. I prefer my Palmers Olive Butter Lotion for everyday use. But on special occasions and when I do have the time to get dressed, I use Sohum instead. The perfume last for hours even when you only use a tiny bit of it. I leave a jar next to my bedside table so I can put them on before bed, as the wonderful smell helps me sleep better.

I really wish I can try some of the floral scents like frangipani and peony roses.. Too bad Sohum doesn’t do international shopping, cause I can see my bottles, jars, and candles collection piling up if they do… For now, I'll have to rely on the generosity of my friends and families who are travelling back and forth between Jakarta and Melbourne.


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